The RVF-40 Rotary Volumetric Filling Machine uniquely positions the power transmission for the main turret infeed and outfeed star wheel and timing screw on top of the machine. Precise variable speed control, longevity, and increased accuracy is achieved by keeping these important components away from wetted areas.

This machine handles virtually all shapes and sizes of containers and easily delivers filling accuracies ip tp +/- 0.5%. This versatile system is available with 6 to 20 fill stations depending on you filling requirements.



Height 89' (226cm)
Width 61 (155cm)
Length 54' (137 cm)
Weight 2200 lbs. (2,727 kg)
Speed 240 CPM*
Fill Size 2oz-5L
Viscosicty Range 1-18,000
Foamy Product Yes**
Corrisive Product Yes**
Heated Product Yes**
Particulates Yes**
Electrical Requirements 110, single phase, 60 hertz (220 or 140 VAC available)
Air Requirements 87 PSI, 2 CFM


  • Touch Screen Control Package

  • Job / Recipe Memory

  • Individual Volume Control for each Fill Head

  • On the Fly adjustments

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • 10' Conveyor

  • Automatic Bottle Indexing System


  • Diving Heads

  • Explosion Proof

  • Sanitary Conveyor System

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