HG Series Labeler

The HG Labelers are designed for the application of paper type labels to cylindrical containers. HG Series machines can be ready to use in only 10 minutes. This allows the production line to start sooner and no time is wasted letting the machine warm up. As an added bonus the labelers consume less than half the power of previous Labelette and competitor models. These machines also feature a direct heat roller design that produces less glue fumes meaning less wasted glue and easier cleanup.


Labelette HG Hot-Melt Glue Labeler- Glue is melted and applied to paper labels just before being placed onto the container. The newly applied hot glue adheres to the label as well as the container. Hot glue labeling is a very cost effective method of labeling. Paper labels are much cheaper than pressure sensitive labels and shrink sleeves especially when purchased or made in lower quantities. They also afford the producer of the labels to make changes to the label frequently, this is not feasible or cost effective when using pressure sensitive labels, screen printing, or shrink sleeves. 

HG Series Labeler
HG Series Labeler


Height 55' (139.7 cm)
Width 36' (91.4 cm)
Length 25' (63.5 cm)
Weight 200 lbs. (90.71 kg)
Speed 50 CPM*
Label Length 3” – 20”
Label Height 1.75” – 7.75”
Electrical Requirements 120VAC - 16 AMPS (220 Optional)


  • Machine is Ready to Use in only 10 minutes

  • Digital Thermostat for Longer Adhesive Life in Glue Pan

  • 360 Degree Rotary Glue Seals Keep Excess Glue in the Pan

  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Tubular Frame

  • Digital back lit touch screen controls

  • Hand Wheel Adjustment for Various Bottle Diameters

  • DDirect Heat roller design produces less glue fumes, results in less wasted glue, and is easier to clean

  • Environmentally Friendly new design requires less then half the power of other Glue Labelers

  • Built in storage supply shelf


  • Labelette Glue for Perfect Labeling

  • Hot or Cold Glue Options

  • Overhead Pressure Arm for Proper Label Adhesion

  • Synchronized registration for containers

  • 7 Day Time for Automatic Warmup

  • Stackable Container Guide

  • Thermal Transfer Label Printer

  • Casters, two are self-locking

  • Aerosol Label Solve, for easy spray on wipe off clean up 

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