SG Series Labeler

The Labelette SG Labeler will separate the label from a stack, feed the label, transfer adhesive and accurately apply the paper label to the container. Designed for spot, face, 3/4 full wrap-around applications on cylindrical containers. Simply insert unlabeled container and remove labeled product. Skip glue adjustment can save up to 90% of adhesive cost.

SG Series Labeler
SG Series Labeler


Height 55' (139.7 cm)
Width 36 ' (91.4 cm)
Length 25' (63.5 cm)
Weight 200 lbs. (90.71 kg)
Speed Up to 50 CPM*
Label Length 3'-20'
Label Height 1.75'-7.75'
Electrical Requirements 120VAC - 16 AMPS (220 Optional)


  • Machine is Ready to Use in only 10 minutes

  • Digital Thermostat for longer adhesive life in glue pan.

  • 360 degree rotary glue seals to keep the glue in the pan

  • Overhead pressure arm for proper adhesion

  • 2x2 welded tubing frame for increased durability

  • Label feed now uses rotary metal sensing promity

  • *Fully adjustable adhesive skip with Digital Input


  • Stackable Container Guide

  • Syncohronized registration for containers with molded handles or lugs

  • 7-day timer

  • Microprocessor control system including 3 product presets

  • Wide Label Upgrade (11.75” tall)

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