SPS-104 Table Top Labeler

Labelette’s (Automatic Pressure Sensitive) SPS-104 Table Top Labeler is an economical and efficient counter top labeling machine for round containers. This labeler is manufactured from stainless steel and anodized aluminum creating a durable but portable machine. The SPS-104 utilizes a Micro-Processor control package that is easy to set up, easy to change over, and features a production speed up to 45 containers per minute. The SPS-104 is the smart choice for the small production runs, R & D Projects, new product roll out or when efficiency vs equipment cost are major considerations.

SPS-104 Table Top Labeler
SPS-104 Table Top Labeler


Height 25
Width 30
Length 36
Weight 200 lbs. (90.71 kg)
Speed Up to 35 CPM*
Electrical Requirements 120VAC - 16 AMPS (220 Optional)
Air Requirements None
Label Length 3” – 20” (7.5 - 51) cm
Label Height 1.75” – 7.75” (4.5 - 19.5)


  • One touch label set and positioning

  • Job memory for five individual projects

  • Stepper motors for fast and accurate label delivery

  • Modular design for quick and easy maintenance

  • Simple and quick changeovers

  • Label count down feature

  • Container/production run counter

  • Heavy food grade construction


  • Hot stamp date/lot coder

  • Alpha numeric starter kit

  • Small container adaptor

  • Stainless steel moble cart

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