APS 108

The APS-108 is economical, self contained and easy to operate. This automatic labeling system comes equipped with a 7 ft. variable speed conveyor. Additional features include, a stepper motor drive for label, power assisted web take up, full wrap around or tamp station, auto speed adjust (all motors syncronized), and Photo Eye (non contact) sensors for label gaps and containers. The easy to use design makes it simple to change bottle and label sizes. APS-108 can dispense up to a 8” tall labels. It is available with one or two labeling heads for single or front and back containers.

The speed, versatility, and reliability of the APS-108 is exceeds the other industry leaders in labeling equipment technol­ogy, at a fraction of the price. Our Labelers are ideal for all plastic, metal, fiber, and glass containers. The APS-108 handles cylindrical containers.

APS 108
APS 108


Height 45' (114 cm)
Width 41-53' (104-135 cm)
Length 79' (200 cm)
Weight 527lbs. (239.04 kg)
Speed Up to 175 CPM*
Electrical Requirements 110 VAC, 10AMPS (220 VAC Optional)
Label Length 0.5” - 22” (1.25 cm - 55 cm)**
Label Height 0.75” - 7.75” (2 cm - 19.5 cm)
Labeling Direction Left side off - Outside peel


  • In Line Automatic Applications

  • Touch Screen Control System

  • Built for 3 shift operations

  • Welded Thick Wall Stainless Tubing Frame

  • Delrin Slat Conveyor 8”wide X 7' long

  • Four 4 in. Easy Adjusting Hand Wheels

  • Variable Speed

  • Infeed Seperator Wheel


  • Hot Stamp Coder

  • Pneumatic Separator

  • 3 Roller System (Registration & Long Labels)

  • Clear Label Sensor

  • Extra Labeling Head (Front & Back labeling)

  • Chain Orientation For Ovals

  • Top Hold Down Belt

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