RL-HG 540

The RL-HG 540 Labeler is the perfect machine for any high volume Hot Melt Glue labeling projects that requires the application of paper or plastic label to a cylindrical container. With labeling speeds up to 240 cpm the RL-HG Labeler delivers high speed, cost effective labeling solution for any high volume line. The RL-HG Labeler’s ZDT (Zero Down Time) label cassette reloading system further enhances productivity by allowing technicians to reload the label supply without interrupting production. Another great feature of this machine is the fast and easy changeover. Its quick change capability allows for 30 minute changeovers requiring only a single tool. Less downtime means more production.

The RL HG Labeler offers customers further flexibility thanks to its optional pressure sensitive labeling capability. Perfect for short runs of pressure sensitive labels.

RL-HG 540
RL-HG 540


Height 72” (183 cm)
Width 72” (183 cm)
Length 125” (317.5 cm)
Weight apx. 4000 lbs. (1814 kg)
Speed Up to 240 CPM
Label Size - Front/Back* 0.5” - 8” W x 0.5” - 5” L
Label Size - Wrap* 0.5” - 8” W x 8.6” L
Container Diameter* 2” - 6” dia.
Container Height* 5” - 13” tall
Electrical 220/240 VAC / 3 Phase / 60 hz
Air Requirements 85 - 90 PSI @ CFM


  • High speed Hot Melt Glue Labeling for cylindrical

  • Electronically and mechanically jam-protected infeed/

  • Washdown stainless steel construction

  • Fully synchronized AC inverted drives

  • Complete “K” style safety guards that meet CE

  • Overall labeling speed is controlled by a variable speed

  • Boom mounted operator control panel with 340˚ viewing

  • ZDT (Zero Down Time) label cassette reloading system

  • High and low sensors on glue reservoir with alarm


  • Easy to use Touch Screen Control System

  • Allen Brady PLC upgrade

  • Pressure Sensitive labeling head for combination labeling

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