APS-004 Label Head

Labelette’s APS-004 Adjustable Label Head is economical, self contained, easy to operate and fully height and angle adjustable. It is capable of labeling at any angle within a 90° range and can easily convert from a side labeler into a top labeler.

Other features include Photo Eye sensors for label gap/container detection and easy setup for new labels. The simple design makes container and label change over quick and trouble free. The APS-004 can dispense up to a 6” tall labels and up to 11 3⁄4” Long.

The speed, versatility, and reliability of the APS-004 exceeds other industry leaders in labeling equipment technology, at a fraction of the price. Labellete Labelers are ideal for all plastic, metal, fiber, and glass containers. The APS-004 is designed for single side full face containers, but can be upgraded to handle cylindrical and oblong containers. Easily integrated with an existing line or conveyor.

APS-004 Label Head
APS-004 Label Head


Height 50
Width 40
Length 24
Weight 95 lbs. (43 kg)
Speed Up to 160 CPM*
Electrical Requirements 110VAC - 10APMS (220 VAC Optional)
Air Requirements None
Label Length 0.5 ” –11.75” (1.25 - 29.75 cm)
Label Height 0.5 ” – 6” (1.9 - 15.25 cm)


  • Label Learn™ automatic label setup

  • Easily rolls up to any conveyor line with it C-Frame design

  • Touch acreen control system

  • Built for 3 shift operations

  • Welded thick wall stainless tubing frame

  • Cantering label head top, angled, or side labeling (90° range)

  • Heavy duty stainless steel frame and stainless steel or anodized aluminum components

  • Digital controls for label speed


  • Hot stamp date/lot coder

  • Alpha numeric starter kit

  • Container separator

  • Fully integrated speed adjustable conveyor

  • Tamp Station

  • Wrap Station

  • Casters

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