APS-100 Series Automatic Labelers

APS-100 Series Labelers are automatic labelers ideal for applying a single pressure sensitive label to a container. Depending on the model, labelers can place 5.75” (14.5 cm) or 7.75” (19.5 cm) tall single face or single wrap around pressure sensitive labels. Each automatic labeling system is self contained and easy to opperate complete with a variety of standard features. Features such as, a high torque digital drive for ensuring precise label application with low maintence operation. Variable speed conveyor for speeds up to 1751 CPM. A full wrap or tamp station to eliminate label wrinkling or creasing. And a non contact Photo Eye detection system for accurate timing and label placement.

One of the best features of the Labelette APS-100 Series labelers is the included Auto Label Learn software. This easy to use program allows opperators to make on the fly bottle and label adjustments using the touch screen controls. This feature will make your changes overs easier and quicker helping to eliminate production down time.

With the ability to label plastic, metal, fiber, or glass containers the APS-100 Series Labelers are a great addition to any packaging line.

APS-100 Series Automatic Labelers
APS-100 Series Automatic Labelers


Height 45" (114.5 cm)
Width 53" (135 cm)
Length 72" (183 cm)
Weight 527 lbs. (260 kg)
Speed Up to 175 CPM*
Electrical Requirements 110VAC - 10APMS (220 VAC Optional)
Air Requirements None
Label Length 0.5”-17" (1.25 - 43 cm)
Label Height 0.75 ”- 5.75” (2 - 14.5 cm)


  • Label Learn™ automatic label setup

  • Label Head Dispenses up to 6” (15 cm) Tall Labels

  • Touch Screen Control System with Job Memory

  • Heavy Duty Construction for 3 Shift Operations

  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Frame

  • Fully Synchronized Conveyor / Label Head, with 8 Different Speed Selections

  • Height Adjustable Conveyor


  • Hot Stamp Date/Lot Coder

  • Alpha Numeric Starter Kit

  • Pneumatic Separator

  • Clear Label Sensor

  • Wheel Separator

  • Casters

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