APS 106

The APS-106 is economical, self contained and easy to operate. This automatic labeling system comes equipped with a 7 ft. variable speed conveyor. Additional features include, a stepper motor drive for label, power assisted web take up, full wrap around or tamp station, auto speed adjust (all motors syn­cronized), and Photo Eye (non contact) sensors for label gaps and containers. The easy to use design makes it simple to change bottle and label sizes. The APS-106 can dispense up to a 5.75” tall labels. It is available with one or two labeling heads for single or front and back containers.

The speed, versatility, and reliability of the APS-106 is comparable to and in many cases exceed the other industry lead­ers in labeling equipment technology-usually at a fraction of the price. Our Labelers are ideal for all plastic, metal, fiber, and glass containers. The APS-106 handles cylindrical containers.

APS 106
APS 106
APS 106
APS 106


Height 45' (1143 mm)
Width 41-53' (1041.4-1346.2 mm)
Length 79' (2006.6 mm)
Weight 527lbs. (239.04 kg)
Speed Up to 175 CPM
Label Length 0.5' - 17'
Label Width 0.75' - 5.75'
Electrical Requirements 110VAC - 10 AMPS (220VAC Optional)


  • In Line Automatic Applications

  • Touch Screen Control System

  • Built for 3 shift operations

  • Welded Thick Wall Stainless Tubing Frame

  • Delrin Slat Conveyor 3.5”wide X 7' long

  • Four 4 in. Easy Adjusting Hand Wheels

  • Variable Speed

  • Infeed Seperator Wheel


  • Hot Stamp Coder

  • Pneumatic Separator

  • 3 Roller System (Registration & Long Labels)

  • Clear Label Sensor

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