SL1 Series Sleeve Labelers

The SL1 Series shrink sleeve labeling machines are designed for continuous use on both tamper evident banding and full body sleeve labeling projects. There high speed servo driven output allows for fast and accurate sleeve labeling and banding up to 120 cpm. Various models are available to accommodate a large range of sleeve size up to a 300mm lay flat. So whether you need to label or band an eye drop container or an tub of butter an SL1 Series Sleeve Labeler can accommodate your projects needs.

Each SL1 Sleever comes standard with a number of features for making integration, management, and maintenance simple and trouble free. The C-Frame compact design allows for easy integration into new or existing packaging lines with limited production space. Powered height adjustment and quick change parts make setup and changeover quick and easy. SL1 Sleevers also feature touch screen controls with job memory, help menus, and management lockouts.

For a complete sleeve labeling system pair the SL1 Series Sleever with a Shrink Tunnel from Phase Fire.

SL1 Series Sleeve Labelers
SL1 Series Sleeve Labelers


Height Height
Width Width
Length Length
Weight Weight
Speed Speed
Electrical Requirements Electrical Requirements
Air Requirements Air Requirements
Label Length Label Length
Label Height Label Height


  • Up to 120 containers per minute

  • Easy to use touch screen display with job memory

  • Sanitary stainless steel control parts

  • Servo driven output for fast and accurate delivery

  • C-Frame design for easy integration to existing bottling lines

  • Power height adjustment

  • Suitable for full body labeling or tamper evident banding


  • Heat tunnel addition

  • Registration controls

  • Film management sensors

  • Thermal printer

  • High speed delivery upgrade

  • Motorized film take-off

  • Conveyors, puck systems, or feed screw

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