The SL1-100 is designed for speed, accuracy and efficiency at an economic price. Utilizing the same design as all our applicators in the SL series, and eliminating or reducing the electronics places the SL1-100 Applicator on the cutting edge of low end machines. The SL1-100 can achieve a speed of 120 CPM running 100mm Lay Flat x 150mm Cut Length film. The SL1-100 can run film sizes ranging from 16mm - 100mm Lay Flat by 16mm - 150mm Cut Length. Compact design to accommodate limited production line space.




  • Up to 120 Containers Per Minute

  • Easy-to-Use Touch Screen Display

  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Control Parts

  • Simple Setup and Memory Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction


  • Standard 10’ Conveyor

  • Upgrade with Heat Tunnel Addition

  • Registration control

  • Film management sensor

  • High speed delivery upgrade

  • Motorized film take-off

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