About us


Labelette Labeling Machines have been manufactured with the highest standards since 1953. We pride ourselves in having our first labeling machines still in operation today. With our latest Sleeve Labeling Machines added to our product line, Labelette has a variety of Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Labeling Machines to offer. Our creative team works directly with our clients to understand and offer a perfect and customized solution for their unique needs and goals. While working on every project, we concentrate on providing the best labelling solutions within a reasonable budget. 

Labelette manufactures a wide variety of tabletop and semi-automatic hot-melt and skip glue labelers. For the past 60+ years, Labelette has been perfecting the designs of the industrial labeling machines. These machines are constructed of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and are engineered by the experts with years of experience in designing to perfection. At Labelette, our machinery are designed to apply paper labels to cylindrical containers made of glass, metal, plastic, or fiber. Standard features included are a heavy-duty frame or stand, label guides that can accommodate a variety of different sized label stacks, full wrap around labeling, quick change over controls, and an easy to use interface.

Besides labeling machines Labelette’s parent company, Accutek Packaging Equipment Company, Inc. offers a wide variety of packaging equipment including filling machines, capping machines, conveyors, turntables, bottle rinsers, and bottle unscrambles, induction sealers, inkjet coders, and complete turnkey packaging solutions.


Years in Business


Machines Built

Accutek Packaging - Midwest

In 2015, to better service our Midwest customers, we added a new and modern 34,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Irving, Texas to manufacture labelers, net-metering drum fillers, and related equipment. This facility has a showroom with live demonstrations of our products and technicians to provide local service of packaging lines.


Going forward, we will complete a move to new Enterprise software along with designing a new CRM around our customers and their needs. These plans will allow us to develop and use new tools to deliver our customized products even faster than we can today. We, along with our dedicated staff, look forward to continued growth and success for decades to come.